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Preparing For Winter Traveling

December 19, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Winter is here, and in Los Angeles, that’s really not a big deal. You may put on a jacket, and that’ll be about it. There are places though that require quite a bit more prepared for the winter ahead. Some of you may drive off to face a harsh winter in your vehicle and there are going to be some things that you have to do in order to prepare your vehicle and yourself for the winter ahead. Some of this may be more or less common knowledge for the people who already live in areas with real winters but here in Los Angeles, it may not be. Your vehicle needs to be prepared for the winter, or else you’re going to find yourself getting your car towed back, and you’ll be searching for collision repair in Los Angeles. 

Road in Winter,Collision repair Los Angeles

Winter Emergency Kit

The first thing you need to make better is your emergency kit. The winter is an entirely different animal than the summer or treks through the desert. There are things that you need to have in your car that you might not have thought about if you aren’t accustomed to winter. These are the essentials of your winter emergency kit. 

  • Ice Scraper

If you leave your car in the cold overnight you’re going to get ice buildup on your windows. Then (depending on the severity of the winter) You’ll have to wait for the car to heat up and melt the ice on the windows. In harsh winter climates, this is not good enough and ice will have built upon all of the windows and the defroster won’t be good enough. For times like these and times when you don’t have the time then you need to have an ice scraper in the car. Be sure you have one before you leave Los Angeles and out into the winter. 

  • Warm Gloves

You need warm gloves in your car during the winter. Your hands will be exposed to the cold and you need to keep them functioning. You’ll also not want to have your bare hands on the steering wheel while it’s cold. Having gloves will save you a world of trouble. 

  • Emergency Kit

You always want to have some kind of emergency kit in your car, winter or not. You never know with winter when you’ll end up stuck for an extended period of time. Your emergency kit should include things like snacks, first aid, jumper cables, flashlight, blankets, and a shovel. 

Consider the Conditions

If you’re not accustomed to the area and not used to winter weather then you need to make sure you at least are aware of the conditions you’re walking into. You can talk to someone who lives in the area or a mechanic that lives there. they’ll tell you what they recommend for the winter conditions. Just doing what they say could save you quite a bit of money in vehicle repairs. 


Winter is harsh and you need to be prepared for the winter you’re walking into if you’re leaving Los Angeles and going somewhere cold. Being prepared is going to help you greatly and these things will help you be prepared. If you go at it unprepared you’re likely to end up looking for with the car on a tow truck and you looking for collision repair in Los Angeles